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    Quick Wax.

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    Quick Wax

    Showroom Finish

    Quick Wax 593 is a natural cleaning agent that easily removes grease and dirt. The unique composition of the product leaves no scratches and ensures a streak-free, shiny result. The hydrophobic wax technology provides a long-lasting deep shine and a dirt-repellent effect. After applying this product, a protective layer is formed that continues to repel dirt, water and grease, making subsequent cleanings easier.

    Art. 593


    • Excellent cleaning
    • For a long-lasting, deep shine
    • Streak-free result
    • Water and dirt repellent
    • Free From GHS Symbols


    • 100 ml Airopack®
    • 200 ml Airopack®
    • 5 / 10 / 25 liter can
    • 200 litre drum
    • 1000 liter IBC

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