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    Cockpit Spray.

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    Cockpit Spray


    Cockpit Spray brings the interior of your car back to optimum condition. The product removes contaminants and takes care of, among other things, the dashboard, plastic cladding of doors, strips of rubber and all plastic on the outside. Cockpit Spray can also be used to make the tires more shiny.

    Art. 560


    • Completely free of silicone
    • Leaves a pleasant scent
    • Not sticky
    • Anti-static effect
    • Prevents the adhesion of dirt
    • Water-repellent effect
    • Reconditions plastics


    • 100 ml Airopack®
    • 200 ml Airopack®
    • 500 ml bottle with trigger
    • 5 liter can
    • 10 litre can
    • 25 litre can
    • 200 litre drum

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