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    The most flexible producer and supplier of lubricants, greases, assembly pastes, additives and customized products!

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    Private Labeling

    Do you want to introduce your own private label? Or are you looking for products to expand your range of private label products? Whether it concerns launching a new private label product or the purchase of a private label for your brand. Moton Lubricants BV is your partner to manufacture powerful private labels.

    Contract Filling

    Bringing a product onto the market, but you cannot produce it yourself? Do you want to outsource your production for practical reasons? Manufacturing a product that meets your requirements? Thanks to many years of experience, Moton Lubricants BV has all the expertise in-house to fulfill your specific wishes in contract filling.

    Product Development

    The product specialists of Moton Lubricants BV are happy to give substance to your idea in an inventive way! Developing a concept into an innovative product. Taking clear steps in which we jointly come up with a product that provides added value in the existing market.

    Our Vision

    Moton Lubricants BV was originally founded with the vision to develop and produce sustainable, high-quality lubricants. Take, for example, our new Aerosol line, which is powered by air. A sustainable, people and environmentally friendly innovation as an alternative to the conventional presspack that uses propellant, which can be very harmful to the environment.

    The drive to bring about positive change is paramount at Moton. We want to innovate and improve continuously, putting the environment, health and quality first. For Moton it is indisputable that ultimately all products will have to be safe for the user and our planet.

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    Quality, Above Quantity!

    The products of Moton Lubricants BV guarantee quality. We think it is important that our customers are absolutely satisfied with our products. For Moton, quality is more important than quantity. We don't think the number is important. In the end, what matters is that you receive products from us that you are very satisfied with. That's what Moton stands for!

    Flexibility Is Top Priority!

    Buying products from Moton Lubricants BV means flexibility. You can choose from various packaging and packaging options. The product you receive is fully adapted to your own vision and wishes. Moton's specialists have an eye for detail and attention to your specific wishes.

    Every Project Is Tailor-Made!

    Moton is your unburdening partner in development when it comes to developing tailor-made products, with regard to the product itself, but also the packaging, labeling and transportation.

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