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    Ceramic Paste 803.

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    Ceramic Paste 803

    nsf-h1 registered

    Ceramic Paste 803 is a universally applicable anti-seize and assembly paste with excellent lubricating properties, enriched with ceramic particles. This product does not contain any metals. In this way, this product saves the environment and, based on the raw materials used, it is applicable and approved for the food industry.

    Art. 803


    • Anti-Seize / Assembly Paste
    • For long-lasting lubrication
    • Enriched with ceramics
    • Keep connections going
    • Excellent adhesion
    • Corrosion & wear resistant
    • NSF-H1 registered


    • 100g – 1000g jars (white)
    • 100g – 1000g jars (black)
    • 100 ml Airopack®
    • 200 ml Airopack®
    • 400 ml Aerosol
    • 500 ml Aerosol
    • 200 liter drums

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