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    Super Lube 301.

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    Super Lube 301

    Highly penetrating lubricant

    Super Lube 301 is a multi-purpose, highly penetrating lubricant with a high content of microscopic particles of ceramic in a mineral oil. The carefully tested combination of ceramics with the other components makes this product the ideal alternative to products with MoS2, graphite and PTFE/TEFLON®.

    Art. 301


    • Excellent lubrication
    • Extreme creep effect
    • Loosens rusted parts again
    • Corrosion and wear resistant
    • Moisturizing


    • 400 ml aerosol
    • 500 ml aerosol
    • 5 / 10 / 25 liter can
    • 200 litre drum
    • Other packaging in consultation

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