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    Uni Grease 400.

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    Uni Grease 400

    Lithium complex Fat

    Uni Grease 400 is a very high-quality, universally applicable multifunctional lithium complex grease, to which a concentrated dispersion of solid (ceramic) lubricants has been added, in order to strengthen the EP and AW properties. Also, the addition of these substances protects the system against impact loads.

    Art. 400


    • Universal grease
    • Corrosion & wear resistant
    • Reinforced EP properties
    • Enhanced AW properties
    • Protects against impact loads
    • Moisture-resistant effect


    • 400 ml aerosol
    • 500 ml aerosol
    • 400 g cartridge
    • 400 g cartridge with screw
    • 200 litre drum
    • Other packaging in consultation

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