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    Uni Lube 310.

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    Uni Lube 310

    High quality, universal lube

    Uni Lube 310 is a high-quality, universal lubricant with long-lasting lubrication and protection properties. In addition to a very specific additive package, Uni Lube 310 also contains microscopic particles of solid lubricants. This carefully tested combination of solid lubricants with the other components gives the Uni Lube 310 its unparalleled lubrication effect.

    Art. 310


    • Long-term lubrication
    • Corrosion & wear resistant
    • Does not adhere to dust or dirt
    • Moisturizing
    • Preservative


    • 400 ml aerosol
    • 500 ml aerosol
    • 5 / 10 / 25 liter can
    • 200 litre drum
    • Other packaging in consultation

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